Friday, January 18, 2008

There's no place like home

It's true that there's no place like home but then why leave home to travel? Why venture from your comfortable and familiar surroundings to explore the great big sometimes scary world out there? For me it's a drive. Something inside of me craves to see things I've never seen, do things I've never done, go places I've never been. My list is ever getting longer and, while I often wonder how/if I'll ever manage to cross all those places off it, it excites me every time I do cross off a destination and add another. I hope I never reach the end of my list. It amuses me to think that grade 9 Geography was one of my worst marks in high school yet my passports over time are acquiring more and more stamps. Darn those countries I've visited who didn't stamp my little blue book! Guess I learn geography better by doing than listening to my alcoholic homeroom teacher drone on and on.

Today is January 18 2008 and I leave for Switzerland (the land of chocolate watches says Sean!) on the 23rd. Finally things are starting to get assembled for packing, lists are getting items crossed off and although my to-do list never seems to end I do believe the end is in sight for departure! I'm excited to be going to back to my favourite country (so far), this time for a more extended stay. We're going snowboarding and Luna (my snowboard) is as excited as I am for she has never ridden outside Canada. She doesn't have her own passport but hopefully I can collect some stamps for her. I'm also excited to be exploring parts of Switzerland (Ch I call it) that I haven't yet been to. We'll be staying in Zermatt (get out your atlas, folks! no cheating with Google maps) for about 10 days, mostly snowboarding on the Matterhorn (think toblerone chocolate) then we're off to Geneva to explore the fabulous city for a few days. Oh, and Switzerland has a no extradition treaty (last I checked) so you can't make me come back if I don't want to!

Stay tuned,
p.s. Mum & Dad, please forgive my spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes in these blogs.


John Teeter said...

Better bring chocolate back!
LOTS of it.

sue robson said...

someone needs to hire you to travel the globe, you get to see the world for free and we get to enjoy your hilarious accounts of your experiences. I will do my best to help soothe your bumps and bruises on your return.
your faithful and envious RMT( i don't want to snow board but i would not mind being in ch drinking and eating chocolates!)

Dona said...

Remind Sean that Last year he said he brought me chocolate,but I NEVER SAW ANY!!!! he gets another chance. I like milk chocolate, not dark. and I like lotsof it.....
dona -- Queen frog to Sean's frog price....