Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kiwi Quest 2010: Today's the day!

Well, so far I've made it out of my place and to my parents' place. Since they're driving me to the airport, I'm that much closer to leaving. Thankfully, their place has WAY more food than mine did by the time I left. It's a bit difficult to make an appetizing meal out of cheese, pineapple, and pickles.

This morning, in a flash of inspiration between unexpected loads of laundry, I decided to unpack everything I'd already packed for my trip because I felt it wasn't packed in a user-friendly manner, and that little gap down near the bottom of my big pack was really bugging me. Don't ask. It took me a while, but eventually everything went back in the bags in a more suitable way, and I even managed to eliminate a couple of things I had been planning to take to make a bit more room. Strange though: when all the stuff was strewn from one end of the living room to the other in small piles (aka "packing"), I really didn't think I was taking very much for a vacation of more than 3 weeks in duration. Turns out that space in the bag gets filled pretty quickly when one is cramming in hiking boots, a sleeping bag, and rain gear. Now the little gap at the bottom of my big pack is no more :)

I just tried to check-in online with Air Canada, but to put another nail in their coffin (in my eyes), I got an error message saying that one of my flights is unavailable for check-in at this time so it kicked me out of the system. Sigh. Granted, I suspect the flight that is causing this problem is the one out of LAX to Sydney which doesn't leave until tomorrow night, so I'm probably being a little unfair to Air Canada in this case. Alas, I just hope check-in goes smoothly at the airport. At least the luggage handlers like me better now that I have a cover for my big pack:

I treated myself to a couple of other things while at the Burlington MEC today: a new red Nalgene (BPA-free, if you care), some extra shoe laces for my borrowed gaiters, 2 Cliff bars and 2 Luna bars for the planes, and a rain cover for my day pack, although because I'm not sure how big my biggest day pack is since MEC doesn't make it anymore, I bought 2 different covers and will return the other one when I get back. I want one cover to fit all my day packs, not just the one I'm taking with me.

So for now, kitty and I are relaxing in my mom's study where I've hijacked the computer to post this update. kitty is snoozing on the couch nearby with the waning sun draped across him; I, on the other hand, am on my second cup of tea and nowhere near sleep. My mom is a little manic and my dad is selling bike parts on eBay. Just another day at the Cooper house...

Tomorrow, I'm in SoCal!!

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